Sample Transport to our Lab

Our clients have options for transporting samples to our lab.

Do It Yourself

Receiving hours for samples is Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Many samples require they be cooled to the proper temperature after collection. The samples are then placed into a cooler with ice or solidly frozen laboratory ice packs. You will need to be sure that you have enough ice to maintain the required temperature.

Samples delivered to the lab on the day of collection that have not yet had time to cool completely are OK as long as they are on ice. Samples delivered to the lab not collected the day of delivery to the lab must be received at the proper temperature.

Bring the samples into the lab in the cooler. Our staff will remove the samples from the cooler, check and record the temperature. Staff will also check to see that the samples are in the correct bottle, and meet preservation and/or holding time criteria applicable to the type of analysis to be performed.

Detailed instructions will be provided with your sample bottles.

Shipping Samples to the Lab

Many of our clients use UPS, US Mail, FedX for sending samples to the Lab. You will need to ensure the service you choose can deliver the samples to us in a timely fashion. It is advisable to collect your samples early in the day and ship that same day with overnight delivery requested. Samples will need to be cooled to the proper temperature, place into a cooler or shipper with solidly frozen laboratory ice packs of sufficient quantity to maintain proper temperature. Do not collect and ship on Friday or day before a holiday.

ALG Courier Transport

Contact the lab regarding our Courier Collection and Transport services.